Past and Present

The city of Neverwinter, once a sparkling jewel of the North, fell into ruin about twenty-seven years ago in a great cataclysm. Nearby Mount Hotenow erupted catastrophically, raining ash and fire upon the city and tearing it apart from below with a great earthquake. Roughly half of the city’s population perished, including its ruling family, the House of Alagondar. Tremors ripped through the city, opening a mighty chasm from which bubbled horrors from the world below.

Most of those who survived the cataclysm fled, and folk believed the city destroyed and the Crown of Neverwinter,the symbol of the city’s power and influence, forever lost.

A few years ago, the city began rebuilding. Lord Dagult Neverember, Open Lord of Waterdeep, came northward, bringing his deep coffers of coin and an army of Mintarn mercenaries to pacify and resettle the city. His first order of business was to construct a wall to keep the worst of the terrors at bay,a strategy that has proved successful thus far.

A trickle of refugees returned, a tide that has swelled in the last year to a steady flow. Their homes and livelihood will be restored, Lord Neverember says,as long as they accept him as the Lord Protector of the city.(Speculation runs rampant that he plans to crown himself as the heir of Alagondar’s line.)

Past and Present

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