Gods of Neverwinter and Beyond


Out of the primordial chaos of creation, came the First Gods; Ukko, the Everlasting Sky; Crom, Lord of the Mound; Erza, the Burning Goddess; and Luon, the Water Spirit. Together they pooled their power and created the world, center of the Infinite Horizon and then they went into a deep slumber. When they awoke, they found their creation overrun by elder things from beyond the Veil of Infinity. The gods were angered at such desecration and struck them down. While they waged war upon these elder gods and their servants, Luon gave birth to four more gods; Loviatar, Lir, Asura, and Ishtar.

Having banished the last of the elder races to the void, the gods returned the world back to the four great races; Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Men. Each race was then shown favor by one of the gods. Luon gave the secret of magic to the Elves; Erza gave the Dwarves the ability to harness the fires within the world; Crom endowed the Orcs with the strength to slay; and Ukko granted Humans the will of dominion. And with these gifts the races struggled with each other and the world for survival. And again the gods were pleased.


The gods of creation are worshipped by all races, and their temples can be found in every city. Each race believes the gods look most like themselves, and this has led to many rivalries, friendly and unfriendly. The gods expect their worshippers to be self-reliant, and abhor weakness most of all, so they can be dangerous to call upon.

Crom, the Grim Grey God, Lord of the Mound. Crom is the god of the frozen north. He is a gloomy and savage god, who lives on a great mountain, from whence he sends forth dooms and death. Crom is a god of strength, battle and doom.

Ukku, the Everlasting Sky. A god of storms, thunder and lightning. HIs servants are the four winds.

Erza, the Burning Goddess. She is a goddess of fire, destruction and war.

Luon, the Water Spirit, Mother Danu to Orcs and beasts, goddess of rivers, nature, and magic.

The Second Gods
These are the children of Luon, who were given dominion over the world, to guide souls to the Halls of the Dead, and prevent them from turning into demons.

Ishtar, the Ivory Goddess, goddess of the flesh, of love and war, sex and beauty.
Loviatar, Maiden of Death, the Orcs refer to her as Derket.
Asura, the Keeper of Secrets
Lir, whom the Orcs call Ymir. God of the Depths.

There are other gods, too, who came later, their origins mysterious. Some say they represent long dead elder gods from before, or perhaps they are only demigods. The most important one being Mitra.

Mitra, god of the empire, he is a god of light and truth. His worshippers believe he is the original god of creation and while he slept, the elder ones came and fearing him, broke him into four parts, which became the First Gods. Mitra is not worshipped much in the Sword Coast, the cult being seen with some suspicion for their close ties to the Astari Empire.

When the First Gods rose from their slumber, they found that the souls of those slain by the elder things had no place to go and had become demons. To prevent this, they gave dominion over the dead to Loviatar. When one dies, they are either accepted into the Halls of the Dead, or cast out into the Abyss, where they become demons.


The Abyss is miasmic pit of discord on the edge of the Horizon, where the cursed and craven go after death. Their journey transforms them into horrible demons according to their stature. At the bottom of the Abyss lies Arallu, a realm of fire, ice and torment, ruled by a mysterious being known only as Asmodeus.

Gods of Neverwinter and Beyond

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